Rear Luster Natural Bio Cleansing Serum 110g About 1 Month [Cleansing Makeup Remover Makeup Remover]

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Rear Luster Natural Bio Cleansing Serum 110g About 1 Month [Cleansing Makeup Remover Makeup Remover]


✨ Accomplished 6 crowns as instructed by everyone! : No. 1 in the Amazon best-selling ranking, No. 2 in @COSME word-of-mouth ranking (liquid cleansing category), No. 1 cleanser you want to keep using *Results in February 2021. No. 1 skincare category, No. 1 cleansing category, No. 1 cleansing liquid category, No. 1 beauty/cosmetics/perfume category in Rakuten Ichiba real-time ranking *Results as of September 14, 2020. A cleansing serum that has been featured in famous beauty magazines and fashion magazines.
✨ Skin-beautifying fungus cleansing topic: In recent years, the topic of "beautiful skin fungus" is a general term for good bacteria that live in the skin, such as Staphylococcus epidermidis. Skin-beautifying bacteria are easily washed away along with sebum when washed, but the skin-beautifying fungus capsules and beauty ingredients contained in the cleansing serum remain on the clean, clear skin, keeping your skin conditioned for 24 hours. increase. ✨Skin care while removing makeup: 2 types of human ceramides, hyaluronic acid, phytosphingosine, honeysuckle sake lees extract, pear juice fermented liquid, amino acid (complex type), lemon fruit extract, kudamono passiflora fruit extract, Sansa fruit extract Contains plenty of clinic-quality beauty ingredients. Not only cleansing to remove makeup, but also skin care at the same time, leading to beautiful skin that continues to be moisturized.
✨10 No Additives: Paraben, silicone, ethanol, petroleum surfactant, mineral oil, UV absorber, former designated ingredients, colorant, fragrance, oil-free skin-friendly cleansing serum. In addition, we conduct safety tests such as allergy tests based on the idea of ​​skin care that it is important not to burden the skin. *The scent of the product is the natural scent of the blended essential oils and vegetable oils. ✨ 3 convenient features: ✔️ Matsuek OK: You can use it even if you have extensions on your eyelashes. *Compatible with cyanoacrylate glue ✔️Waterproof: Can be removed even with waterproof makeup. ✔️ No need to wash your face: No need to wash your face after cleansing. It's convenient because it doesn't take much time to remove makeup, and you can use it quickly and easily when you don't have time or when you're tired.
✨Relaxing effect: Not only beauty ingredients, but also fragrance. A blend of bergamot, lavender, and rosemary natural essential oils and fruit oils that have a relaxing effect without the use of fragrances. A fragrance with the natural feeling softens a feeling in elegance. You can also expect beauty effects from aromatherapy. ✨Easy to use 3STEP: Take 1️⃣4 pushes. 2️⃣Gently apply to the entire face. 3️⃣Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
✨Reliable and safe domestic manufacturing: We put the skin of our customers first and manufacture under strict manufacturing and quality control in factories that comply with the strict domestic standards of GMP. increase. ✨ List price: 3,960 yen
  • ✨ Manufacturer name: LIALUSTER Co., Ltd. ✨ Country of origin: Japan

Item Part Number: T-009

EAN: 4573530240018

Packed size: 11.5 x 7.7 x 2.2 inches

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