[Home training in the gap time! ] Sunruck Fitness Stepper Home Training Training Band Included Aerobic Exercise SR-FT028

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[Home training in the gap time! ] Sunruck Fitness Stepper Home Training Training Band Included Aerobic Exercise SR-FT028

Brand: Sunruck

Color: White x Black


  • Body size (approx.): 430 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Body weight (approx.): 6.5kg
  • Material: Steel, PVC
  • Load capacity: 120kg
  • Accessories: Main unit, training band, instruction manual

EAN: 4571307414730

Packed size: 16.3 x 14.7 x 8.8 inches

[Manufacturer name] SunRuck
[Model number] SR-FT028

・ Easy training at home

A fitness stepper that allows you to easily do aerobic exercise indoors without having to go out, while relaxing at home and making effective use of your spare time.

You can easily do aerobic exercise at home.

・Easy step exercise!
A stepping exercise in which the left and right footplates are alternately stepped on. You can continue to do aerobic exercise every day without being affected by the weather. The smooth movement by the oil cylinder is also ideal for rehabilitation because the load on the joints due to landing is less than normal aerobic exercise such as running.

・Whole-body training that feels like jogging Once you get used to regular stepping exercises, we recommend training that feels like jogging. By swinging your arms, you can train your upper body at the same time.

・For effective use of gap time!
Because it is a simple exercise, you can easily and effectively train in your spare time every day, such as between studying, doing housework, or taking a break.

<useful function>
・Equipped with a measurement meter that shows the approximate amount of exercise

・Cylinder built-in, smooth movement Smooth and smooth step movement is possible by moving the hydraulic cylinder. Since the load at the time of landing is less, you can train with less load without damaging your joints than normal aerobic exercise.

・Two training bands are included that can be attached to the upper body of the cover. By using it while pulling it according to the step exercise, you can put a load on your arms and shoulders and train your upper body firmly.

【how to use】
*Be sure to stretch and loosen your body before exercising.
(1) Place one foot on the foot plate.
*Because there is a risk of tipping over, when putting your feet on, please put them on one by one and keep your balance.
(2) Press the button on the display panel or step on the footplate to turn on the panel.
* If you leave it without exercising for about 4 minutes, the power will automatically turn off.
(3) alternately put weight on the left and right feet, straighten the spine and do a stepping exercise.
*Because it is difficult to balance for the first time, please hold on to the wall when using.
*Before you get used to it, exercise in small steps for about 5 minutes.
Sudden exercise may cause you to lose your physical condition.
(4) Stepping exercise is more effective for shaping up if you exercise at a constant rhythm while doing double breathing.
Also, at this time, you can do more effective exercise by stepping so that the left and right steps do not touch the floor.
(5) Exercise while bending your elbows and swinging your arms rhythmically up and down according to the movement of your legs is effective in shaping your whole body.
(6) When you finish the exercise, gradually take slow steps (cool down) and finish.
(7) After exercising, stretch enough to loosen your body.

(Approx.) 430 x 300 x 200 mm

(Approx.) 6.5kg

(1) The LCD display will automatically shut off if there is no signal for about 4 minutes.
All previous motion values ​​are reset.
(2) When there is a signal, the monitor will automatically turn on.
(3) If the display on the monitor is not correct, insert the batteries again.

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