LUXSURE スマホカメラ レンズ 広角レンズ iphone マクロレンズ 歪みなし 自撮りレンズ クリップ式レンズ iphone ipadなど対応 ほぼ全機種対応簡単装着 携帯レンズ 交換レンズ可 スマホ レンズ ローズ型2in1 ブラック

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LUXSURE スマホカメラ レンズ 広角レンズ iphone マクロレンズ 歪みなし 自撮りレンズ クリップ式レンズ iphone ipadなど対応 ほぼ全機種対応簡単装着 携帯レンズ 交換レンズ可 スマホ レンズ ローズ型2in1 ブラック

Brand: Luxsure

Color: Rose Black 2in1


[Wide-angle lens with no vignetting and no distortion]
Enhanced 0.6x wide lens for high image quality without distortion! LUXSURE emphasizes no vignetting and no distortion. MRC coating technology uses a lens with a larger diameter than a normal wide-angle lens, and it completely corrects vignetting and distortion in the four corners, which are the drawbacks of ordinary wide-angle lenses, so not only vignetting but also photo It also prevents distortion. Widening the field of view By taking advantage of the feature of deepening the depth of field, it is suitable for shooting a wider range such as landscapes, buildings, selfies and group photos. Use a selfie stick or a smartphone tripod in combination to increase the wide-angle effect! In addition, for zoom meetings, you can easily attach it to your laptop camera or tablet camera as an external camera to capture a wide range and large number of people. Even beginners can easily enjoy the fun of photography.
[Macro lens]
With a 15x HD smartphone macro lens, you can easily achieve high-quality close-up functions with your smartphone. Even objects that cannot be clearly seen with the naked eye can be photographed. The optimum shooting distance from the subject is 3-4cm. Simply clip the lens to transform your smartphone into a microscope, and easily capture microscopic objects such as insects, plants, fibers, fingerprints, and pores. Very popular for children's independent research and plant observation. You can easily take close-up photos of flowers and drops that you often see on the web and share them on facebook and ins. Note: The close-up lens cannot auto-focus. You need to manually adjust the lens distance and use the smartphone's focus function to focus.
[Easy operation, compatible with many models]
The LUXSURE smartphone lens is easy to operate by simply clipping the clip onto the camera of your smartphone and fixing it firmly. The wide-angle lens and macro lens each have an ABS resin clip that feels great to the touch, so you don't have to worry about replacing multiple lenses with one clip. "Multiple models" For example: iPhone SE/SE2, iPhone X/X Max/XS/XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPhone11/12/13, iPad iPhone Compatible with electronic devices such as 5C/5S/5E, pro/mini/air, Samsung Galaxy S6/S5, HTC, Sony Xperia Z4/Z5, Huawei P30 lite, Apple, Android, Laptop, Samsung Galaxy, Xperia, Huawei. The in-camera is compatible with 99% of smartphones. [2 year warranty]
[High quality material]
The camera lens body is made of aviation aluminum alloy material that is full of luxury, which is strong and durable, and the appearance is simple and luxurious. A popular fashion item for parties. Adopts professional optical lenses to reduce glare and reflection, and has very high light transmittance, allowing you to capture the clearest and highest quality images. There is no need to worry about damage to your smartphone or instability because the gripping part of the ABS resin lens clip has a soft non-slip rubber.
[Contents of 5-piece set]
0.6x super wide-angle lens, 15x macro lens, clip x2, storage bag x1 (lens dust cover x2, lens wipe x1, Japanese instruction manual x1). This smartphone lens is developed by a company that specializes in cameras, and applies the latest production technology under strict quality control. We are also expanding sales of this smartphone lens in the United States, England, Germany, etc. World-class quality and peace of mind.

    Binding: Electronics

    Item Part Number: LU00000054-4-1

    Packed size: 5.0 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches

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