7 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens with HD 22x Telephoto Lens Smartphone Lens 7 Piece Set Smartphone Camera Lens Triple Lens Kit 0.62x Wide Angle 25x Micro Lens 235° Fisheye

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7 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens with HD 22x Telephoto Lens Smartphone Lens 7 Piece Set Smartphone Camera Lens Triple Lens Kit 0.62x Wide Angle 25x Micro Lens 235° Fisheye

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Brand: Selvim

Color: 7in1


📷 2021 latest improved version: 22x HD telescope: Enhance the telephoto performance of your smartphone! The improved lens eliminates vignetting and delivers clear, colorful, high-quality images. Improved tripod, made of aluminum alloy for enhanced stability! Note: Instead of attaching the telephoto lens to the clip and then attaching it to the smartphone, attach the clip to the smartphone first. This product is a model with a high degree of perfection that achieves both high magnification and high image quality. The SELVIM telescope adopts 10 layers + 10 layers coating, and can take high quality images even at 22 times magnification. Even general smartphones are equipped with a zoom function, but it is called a digital zoom that cuts out a part of the image and enlarges it, and the more the subject is magnified, the more the image quality deteriorates. With the Selvim telephoto lens for smartphones, image quality does not deteriorate even when shooting distant scenery. You can easily take pictures of distant scenery.Even beginners can easily enjoy the fun of photography.
📷10-Layer + 10-Layer Coating Method & Reliable 2-Year Quality Guarantee: The black body is made of aluminum material for high durability and excellent design. The high-precision lens reduces glare and reflections, making it ideal for daytime outdoor photography. ★ Selvim 7in1 smartphone lenses come with a one-year quality guarantee, so if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that if you are unsatisfied, we will provide a free replacement or refund.
📷No vignetting 7 in 1 set: Not only a 22x HD telephoto lens, but also a 235° fisheye lens, a 0.62x wide-angle lens, and a 25x microlens (when using a microlens, keep a distance of about 1-3CM from the subject). has become This lens kit can meet your daily photography demands. Discover the microscopic world with the microlens, and shoot flashy visual effects with the 235° fisheye lens. The clip type makes it relatively easy to operate and install, making it easy for beginners to handle, and there are plenty of lightweight and compact products. It is characterized by
📷 High quality aluminum alloy tripod: Enhanced stability! Made of aluminum alloy, it has excellent strength and can be used for a long time. It can firmly support most smartphones. Equipped with a tripod to prevent camera shake and enable stable long-distance shooting. You can also take pictures of distant scenery by zooming in at 22x and taking beautiful pictures. In addition, it comes with a compact tripod stand, so it is very convenient to support your smartphone while being pocket-sized.
📷 Just like an SLR: A telephoto lens recommended for outdoor use! Lenses made with a 20-layer coating method increase light transmittance, improve the image quality of telephoto lenses, and achieve more vivid image quality. By attaching this lens, you can shoot farther objects without the image quality being coarse. It can also be used as a monocular. [Comes with a detailed Japanese instruction manual! ]

    Binding: Electronics

    Product model number: SL002

    Item Part Number: SL002BK-JP2

    Details: 2020 improved version If you want to take farther shots a larger magnification HD22X High Quality Telephoto Lens: ⭐ The telescope uses high quality optical glass with 10+10 coating for enhanced transp ...

    EAN: 0659499484800

    Packed size: 7.6 x 4.6 x 2.6 inches

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