PowerArQ Portable Refrigerator ICEBERG2 Car Refrigerator Small 25L Olive Drab AQ25L-OD

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PowerArQ Portable Refrigerator ICEBERG2 Car Refrigerator Small 25L Olive Drab AQ25L-OD

Brand: PowerArQ

Color: Olive Drab


[Refrigeration up to -22°C]
Compressor-type cooling system allows cooling from 25°C to 0°C in about 20 minutes, and -20°C in about 70 minutes. In addition, since it can be set in units of 1°C, it is possible to adjust the temperature according to the products you want to cool, such as drinks, vegetables, meat, and frozen foods. As a "portable refrigerator", it can be used outdoors, camping, sleeping in the car, etc.
[Large capacity 25L]
It can store 20 to 30 500ml PET bottles (depending on the shape of the manufacturer) and about 6 2L PET bottles. The interior height is 273mm, so 500ml PET bottles can be stored vertically regardless of the manufacturer. If it is for one family, you can cool drinks and ingredients for 1 to 3 days.
[12 months warranty]
In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the product, please feel free to contact us using the contact information provided in the instruction manual or your purchase history. We will replace or repair it. However, we may not be able to provide warranty support for deterioration due to aging, or damage, malfunction, or submersion due to the customer's own use. In addition, purchases from unauthorized stores are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty because the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. In that case, please contact the place of purchase for warranty support. *The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase. *Refunds are only available for 30 days from the date of purchase. Scratches and scratches may have occurred during the manufacturing process. In addition, the center of the top surface is the part where the paint is poured, so the color is darker than the other parts. note that.
[AC/DC 2 power supply compatible]
Since it supports both AC100V / DC (12V / 24V), you can use it by connecting it to a household outlet, car cigarette lighter socket, or portable power supply. In addition, two cooling modes and three voltage modes can be changed, so you can use it according to the situation.
Dedicated AC adapter set (approx. 1.5m), cigar cable (approx. 2.5m), sticker (12 pieces), towel, spare cushions for main body legs (2 pieces), instruction manual

    Item Part Number: AQ25L-OD

    EAN: 4571427129255

    Packed size: 25.6 x 17.1 x 16.6 inches

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