Healthy Grape Vinegar Biwamin 720ml

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Healthy Grape Vinegar Biwamin 720ml

Brand: Biwamin


  • Wine vinegar and naturally brewed rice vinegar are the main ingredients, and loquat leaf extract, vitamins, calcium, honey, and royal jelly are added.
  • Loquats have long been considered good for the body and have been popular as home remedies. The loquat tree is referred to as the "Great Medicine King Tree" and the loquat leaf as the "Muyusen" in the "Great Paranirvana Sutra", and is said to have excellent medicinal properties.
  • Characterized by refreshing acidity. Even people who don't like vinegar can enjoy it.
  • No artificial coloring or preservatives are used.
  • Contents: 720ml 8 times diluted 200ml about 18Kcal

Item Part Number: b72001

Details: Biwamin is made from wine vinegar fermented and matured in wooden barrels, the king of grapes, and naturally brewed rice vinegar. It also contains loquat leaf extract, vitamins, calcium, honey, royal jelly, etc., and has a nutritional balance of various ingredients. was developed with the Please correct the wrong food of modern people and use it to maintain beauty and health. The taste has also been devised, so please use it as a delicious drink and seasoning for children and adults alike.

EAN: 4964181000081

Packed size: 10.6 x 3.1 x 3.0 inches

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