Hokkaido onion dressing 200ml

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Hokkaido onion dressing 200ml

Brand: Hokkaido Bio Industry


  • Ingredients: Diced onion, edible vegetable oil (soybean oil), edible vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), soy sauce, grain vinegar, sugar, fructose-glucose liquid sugar, lemon juice, salt, grated garlic, yeast extract, white pepper powder. , dried bonito seasoning extract, red pepper, seasoning (amino acid), seasoning (nucleic acid), thickener (carrageenan), thickener (xanthan), vitamin B1
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 19cm x 4.3cm x 4.3cm

Binding: Food & Beverage

Item Part Number: onion

Details: Product introduction By processing with our own patented "BRC manufacturing method", the taste of onion is

・Dressing made with onions produced in Hokkaido, which has 15 times more healthful ingredients than ordinary processed onions. 50g of diced onion is used for one, and the fragrance is different from other onion dressings.

・The taste is different. At the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association's "Seasoning Championship 2012" and "Seasoning Championship 2014", we have won the best award in the salad category twice. In addition, it has been certified as a Hokkaido food master "Northern High Grade Food + 2016". The taste is a soy sauce-based Japanese flavor, and even those who don't like onions can eat it deliciously. Salads, as well as meat such as roast beef and shabu-shabu, and marinated seafood

・A versatile seasoning that can also be used as a sauce for carpaccio and cold dishes. At first glance, the container looks like a bottle, but considering the portability and disposal, we have adopted a high-class plastic bottle.

Ingredients/Materials: Diced onion (Japanese maple from Hokkaido), edible vegetable oil (soybean oil, rapeseed oil), soy sauce, grain vinegar, sugars (sugar, fructose glucose liquid sugar), lemon juice, salt, grated garlic, yeast extract, white Pepper powder, dried bonito seasoning extract, chili pepper, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), thickener (carrageenan, xanthan), vitamin B1, (contains soybeans and wheat as part of raw materials)

Directions for use Serve over salads and raw vegetables. It's a soy sauce-based dressing, so you can enjoy it deliciously over steaks and tofu.

Safety Warning Contents/200ml.

Expiration date/8 months from date of manufacture.

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening.

EAN: 4562134661442

Packed size: 7.4 x 1.8 x 1.7 inches

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