[Columbus] Keep clean Amedas water repellent, waterproof, antifouling spray 420mL

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[Columbus] Keep clean Amedas water repellent, waterproof, antifouling spray 420mL

Brand: Columbus

Color: Clear


  • Product size (width x depth x height): 66 x 66 x 215mm
  • Contents: 420ml
  • Uses: Can be used for natural leather shoes such as glossy leather and brushed leather (suede, nubuck, etc.), other leather products, fabrics, artificial leather shoes, and other products.

Binding: Shoes

Product model number: AMEDAS420

Item Part Number: EBM-1059310

Details: Product introduction ・Shake the container well before using.・After removing dust and dirt from the shoes, spray the surface from a distance of 20~25cm until the surface is lightly wet.・Please use about 5 seconds per foot as a guide.・The color of the leather may darken immediately after spraying, but it will return to its original color when it dries (about 5 to 10 minutes).・Drying for about 15 minutes or more is required for highly permeable materials such as tanned leather and brushed leather.・Please lightly polish the glossy leather with a soft cloth after it dries. No need for fabrics.・Please brush the brushed leather lightly.・Please spray wet shoes after drying.・Some leather may stain or discolor. Please test on an inconspicuous area before using.・It may be difficult to spray at low temperatures, so please leave it indoors for a while before using it outdoors.・By coating each leather fiber with fluorine-based water repellent and oil repellent agents, the leather is protected from moisture, dust, dirt, oil, and other stains.・Does not impair the flexibility and breathability of leather. Brand introduction Shoe cream and shoe supplies manufacturer founded in 1919. Raw materials/ingredients Fluororesin, petroleum hydrocarbon, Class 4 Class 1 petroleum 298mL

EAN: 4971651850893

Packed size: 8.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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