MAXMATERIA Bouquet Face Towel FLOWER FACE TOWEL [HYBRID] Natural Umber | Max Materia Dry Flower Bouquet Towel Towel Gift Birthday Celebration

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MAXMATERIA Bouquet Face Towel FLOWER FACE TOWEL [HYBRID] Natural Umber | Max Materia Dry Flower Bouquet Towel Towel Gift Birthday Celebration


Color: Natural Umber


MAXMATERIA towels are the only towels in the world that use a cellulose-based semi-synthetic fiber called "Soalon", which is made mainly from natural wood pulp manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Chemical. As a result, not only is it water absorbent, but it also has a gentle touch that feels like it is wrapped in air, which is not possible with conventional materials.
Perfect for special celebrations or as a return gift. ◎ not only the appearance but also the texture. Many people were amazed at its blissful usability.
In addition to its beautiful appearance, many people will be surprised at how light and fluffy the towel feels and how comfortable it is to use. The secret is a unique manufacturing method and technology that does not harden the towel, created from the developer's desire to "want to use it for a long time."
Celebration of marriage, celebration of childbirth, that person's birthday. Every day of 365 days is an anniversary for someone. Words of gratitude that are usually difficult to say face to face should be easy to convey with a gift. Why don't you put your thoughts into the language of flowers and convey them to your loved ones?
Wealth of Life ~Enriching your life~ "In order to live a peaceful and spiritually rich life, we need materials and spaces that correspond to that." Time spent with loved ones, time spent alone. All of them are finite. Through the development and supply of fabric products, MAX MATERIA hopes that everyone who uses our products can enjoy the best moments and the best lives.
Composition: 27% triacetate, 40% rayon, 33% cotton
[Product size] Towel body approx. H 88.0cm x W 27.0cm / package body approx. H38.0 x diameter (lower/upper) 1.0-12.0 cm

    Item Part Number: hb-flow-face-umber

    Details: ■Product MAXMATERIA Face Towel FLOWER ■Color Natural Amber ■Series HYBRID ■Size [Body] Approx. [Packaging size] H38.0 x Φ1_12cm ■Material Triacetate 27% Rayon 40% Cotton 33% ■Country of origin Made in Japan

    EAN: 4562463311988

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