Dog Shampoo Dry Shampoo Dog Shampoo [Just Wipe It Off] Pet Shampoo Good Scent [toutoucoco]

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Dog Shampoo Dry Shampoo Dog Shampoo [Just Wipe It Off] Pet Shampoo Good Scent [toutoucoco]

Brand: toutoucoco


  • [Exquisite time-saving care] Since it is a foam type dog shampoo that does not require water, it does not take as much time as a general dog shampoo. Dry shampoo foam is made from naturally derived ingredients, so it's safe to lick it. Contains lavender essential oil to soothe your dog's mind. Shampoo for dogs is determined by tooutoucoco!
  • [Reliable display of all ingredients] This is a dog shampoo for your precious family, so you can use it with confidence. The toutoucoco shampoo displays all ingredients for peace of mind. No coloring and no additives. Ingredients (all ingredients listed): purified water, soapberry extract, neem leaf extract, persimmon juice extract, propanediol, silver ion, fragrance
  • [For scenes like this] You don't like water, your stamina is weakened, you get dirty after a walk, etc... If you have a dog, you will never have to worry about it. It's convenient to have a dry shampoo for dogs in such a case. I'm glad that even dogs who don't like shampoo can use it. "I got dirty on the go, but I don't have a dog shampoo..." This dog shampoo is useful in such situations.
  • [Strength of Toutoucoco Shampoo] A safe Japanese dog shampoo. Since it is a dry shampoo, it can be easily washed and wiped off to remove odors. Moisturize your dog's skin with dry shampoo. This dry shampoo does not contain petroleum-derived synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. A dog shampoo made with pets in mind.
  • [Gentle Lavender Scent] The scent of lavender can be added to the dog shampoo for a relaxing effect and to wipe away germs. The shampoo has a soft and gentle scent so that it won't be harsh even if your dog smells it.
  • [No need to wash off] Unlike regular dog shampoo, dry shampoo does not need to be washed off. After shampooing, wipe off with a towel. Dry shampoo eliminates the hassle of dog shampoo.
  • [Wipe off odors] When wiping off dry shampoo foam, odors can be wiped off at the same time. "I'm worried about the dog's odor, but shampooing is troublesome..." Dry shampoo is convenient in such cases. A dry shampoo that removes pet odors.
  • [Uses only naturally-derived ingredients] Only natural-derived ingredients are used because this shampoo is used for precious pets. I aimed for a dog shampoo that can be used with confidence. This shampoo is safe even if your pet licks it. (* Of course, please be careful not to lick the shampoo as much as possible.)
  • [No Colorants/Additives] This is a dog shampoo, but tooutoucoco shampoo is an additive-free shampoo that does not use any coloring agents. Since it is a shampoo that is used for precious pets, we aimed for a dog shampoo that can be used with peace of mind.
  • [Keep your dog beautiful] Keep your precious family clean with tooutoucoco dog shampoo. Perfect for the first dry shampoo. Dog shampoo is decided by tooutoucoco! Keep your dog beautiful with toutoucoco shampoo!

EAN: 4571513090100

Packed size: 7.6 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches

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