"Nanosoy Colloid Base" 4L [NSC-Base] Washing, Cleaner Water Work Trimmer Pet Shop Cleaning

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"Nanosoy Colloid Base" 4L [NSC-Base] Washing, Cleaner Water Work Trimmer Pet Shop Cleaning

This raw material can be purchased online. The main ingredients are soybean fatty acids and water. This raw material is also used in the household, cosmetics, and pet fields.

Those who are concerned about rough skin caused by synthetic surfactants and chlorinated solvents, and those who are concerned about pet skin diseases.

Since it does not foam, it is a product that is easy to rinse.

On the contrary, this is a disadvantage! But foaming is due to synthetic surfactants.

The satisfaction of washing can not be obtained by washing away the emulsified foam.

When washing, do you wash thoroughly, but when rinsing, do you rinse thoroughly? Isn't it completed just by removing the bubbles? Insufficient rinsing causes mold to grow.

A nanosoy colloid that can be used for multiple purposes when diluted.

For foaming, there is another product of "NSC-Home".

It is an eco-friendly and ethical product.

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Brand: Nano Soy Colloid


  • [What is nanosoy colloid? 】 Nanosoy colloid is a safe and secure food multi-functional cleaning product that is safe and environmentally friendly, and is safe to put in your mouth. is a drug.
  • *The causative agent of soybean allergy is generally accumulated in protein. The protein in question is separated and removed from the raw soybean fatty acid in the oil production process.

Product model number: NSC-base

Item Part Number: NSC-base

Details: This is a natural cleaning material created by adding natural yeast (lecithin), stirring, and further maturing soybean fatty acids, which are obtained by hydrolyzing and refining natural soybean oil. Since the fatty acid particles are decomposed into extremely small nano-sized particles, the Brownian motion (natural motion) in water becomes active, and it shows high detergency even when soaked. In addition, the high decomposition capacity of aged fatty acids removes not only ordinary greasy stains, but also strong bonds such as burns and stains. Because it is a raw material produced from natural materials, it is characterized by its high biodegradability in the environment and high safety for humans and animals. Due to these characteristics, many effects have been confirmed, such as the action of further enhancing the surfactant effect as a cleaning raw material, and the removal of protein stains that conventional petroleum-based detergents cannot.

Packed size: 9.6 x 8.7 x 5.1 inches