Re-Derma Lab Moist Gel Cleansing 150g *With sample set

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Re-Derma Lab Moist Gel Cleansing 150g *With sample set

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Brand: Re-Dermalabo


  • ✅ [99.3% serum ingredients] A surprising cleansing gel that moisturizes and removes. Removes makeup with only beauty ingredients, and 42 types of moisturizing beauty ingredients make your skin clear and moisturized.
  • ✅ [Scrub face wash that is not scary even for sensitive or dry skin] Konjac scrub cleanses pores and nostrils.
  • ✅ [No need to wash face & wet hands OK] Removes makeup effortlessly with a weakly acidic, hypoallergenic formula that reduces skin stress. It is also compatible with false eyelashes (eyelash extensions)
  • ✅ [7 additive-free] Coloring agent / synthetic fragrance / mineral oil / petroleum surfactant / ethanol / paraben / UV absorber free
  • ✅ [Official SHOP limited] With sample set (moist gel plus, moist gel cleansing)

Item Part Number: [B1]CLN01a

Packed size: 7.3 x 2.0 x 1.1 inches

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