Carbon heater, quick heating, slim shape, with handle, convenient to carry

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Carbon heater, quick heating, slim shape, with handle, convenient to carry

A heater that warms up quickly. The "Sokudan Carbon Heater", which is useful in places where the wind from air conditioners is difficult to reach, and in personal spaces, is a carbon heater equipped with two carbon tubes with high thermal efficiency. It has excellent quick-heating properties and eliminates stress while the tube warms up.

Since it is electric, there is no fuel cost, and it does not burn fuel like an oil stove, so the air stays clean. Output can be switched in two stages of 450W and 900W.

Equipped with a swing function that spreads warmth over a wide area. Tip-over OFF switch that automatically turns off the power when the main body falls. With a slim shape, light weight, and a handle, it's easy to carry wherever you want to use it. Great for places where your feet need "warmth", such as a cold kitchen or dressing room in winter.

[Product information]
■ Product size
Approximately width 30* depth 24* height 67.8cm
■ Weight
about 2.3kg
[Body] ABS+PC, PP
[Stand] ABS
[Spoke guard] Steel
[Reflector] Aluminum, SUS
■ Power supply
AC100V 50/60Hz
■ Power consumption
■ Heater
carbon heater
■ Power cord
about 1.8m
■ Estimated electricity bill per hour
About 24.3 yen *When using strong
■ Main features
□ Strong and weak switching: 900W/450W
□ 180 minutes off timer
□ Automatic swing
□ Swing angle: automatic swing 70°, manual swing 60°
□ Overturn OFF switch

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